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Some history about wreaths

It is said that the ancient Greeks gave wreaths to the winners at the original Olympic Games. These wreaths were normally made of olive or laurel leaves. The expression "don't rest on your laurels" comes from this ceremony (which basically means, don't stop striving to do better.)

On the other side of the Adriatic Sea (but somewhat later) the Romans had their own traditions. Common Romans widely used decorative wreaths as a sign of victory and celebration year around. When Julius Caesar became emperor of the Roman Empire, his loyal generals placed a laurel wreath on his head as a crown. In fact, our word "crown" comes from the Latin word "corona," which means "wreath" or "garland." This tradition eventually spread to the rest of the world and evolved into crowns of gold and jewels.

Other ancient wreath traditions come from the Chinese, Hebrew, and Egyptian people. These people used wreaths and evergreens as symbols of life and immortality.

Today, we enjoy using wreaths mostly to accentuate our home as seasonal decor. Decorative wreaths and in particular, holiday wreaths and fall wreaths, are the most popular ones. The use of evergreens for Christmas and Advent wreaths and other decorations as we are used to probably started in Spain, Italy and Northern Europe about 200 years ago. Green and Red are the traditional colors of Christmas where the green represents survival and continuance of life through the winter combined with the Christian belief in eternal life through Christ. Following, the Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus which he shed at his crucifixion. Traditionally, Christmas wreaths are hung anytime from right after Thanksgiving and the weeks thereafter and are left hanging for several months into early spring.

Uses & Applications

Be creative! A wreath can be a fantastic opportunity to decorate any room or to welcome your near and dear visitor with warmth and taste already at your door step. The great variety of beautiful wreaths makes them popular with designers and decorators. So, why not become your own decorator? Buy wreaths online where you will find a deep and wide assortment. Consider outdoors wreaths which provide an aesthetic appeal for your home. Place a wreath already at your front gate, your lamppost, front doors and inside your house. Be creative and you will be rewarded.

Fall Natural Style

For the fall, please consider an organic Autumn Leaves Wreath . It is made by dried organic Salal leaves in intense fall colors such as burnt orange, ochre, and soft brown hues. A natural organic wreath, perfect for indoor decoration or outdoors, in a protected area. Delivered within 2 business days.
Taste for the chef

An organic herb wreath for indoor decoration or in the kitchen. Wine country chefs grow, pamper, and harvest their own herbs outside the kitchens adjacent to their vineyards. Bring your own herbs close to you by having a decorative herb wreath above the stove where everyone can enjoy it both as a decoration and taste. Six Herb Wreath. Entertain your family and friends with this decorative wreath that doubles as an aromatic supply of dried herbs for your most impressive dishes!
Sophisticated Welcome for the Holidays

Christmas door wreaths should be robust and sturdy. In fact, all other outdoor wreaths should share this quality. An outdoor Christmas wreath will be constantly exposed to the elements.

Decorating with outdoor wreaths can improve the look of a home and make it an inviting place for guests. However, appropriate care must be taken to choose wreaths that possess great sturdiness and longevity.

At Organic Bouquet, we focus on a wide range of organic wreaths and dried wreaths. We produce our wreaths at several organic wreath producers on the US West Coast. Our wreath selection varies by the season. We have herb wreaths for indoor decorations and to be used for cooking. Our culinary wreaths and herb wreaths are very popular and are available all year. We also have seasonal door wreaths to be hung outside. If you are looking for holiday wreaths, we have a wide assortment available as of mid September incl. Christmas wreaths, fall wreaths, herb wreaths, lavender wreaths, traditional door wreaths and advent wreaths. Enjoy your wreaths and please call our customer care at (877) 899-2468 if you have any questions.

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