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Eco-Points Rewards Program
is pleased to introduce our new Eco-Points Rewards Program! As an Eco-Points member, you will automatically earn points each time you make a purchase. As your points accumulate you will be eligible to purchase any product on our web site for free. Here's how the program works:
1. Create a free account and earn 10 free points!
2. Login to your account each time you make a purchase
3. Earn 1 Eco-Point for every $1 spent
4. Redeem your Eco-Points for free purchases!
How to Earn Eco-Points
Once you are enrolled in the program you will automatically earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at . The points you earn will accumulate in your personal account. You can access your account at any time by clicking on the My Account link at the top right corner of our store. In your account you will see a link that says Eco-Points History. This will take you to a page that lists all of the points you have earned and redeemed to date.
How to Redeem Eco-Points
Points can be redeemed for free purchases once you accumulate enough points to cover the complete cost of your order including shipping. Points are redeemed at 10 points for each $1. Every time you place an order you will see at checkout whether or not you qualify to pay using your Eco-Points. This will appear on the page where you enter your credit card information (stage 3 of checkout). If you qualify, then you will be given an option to check a box to pay using your Eco-Points. If you do not qualify, then the page will simply display the total accumulated Eco-Points in your account and the amount of points you will earn with the current purchase being made.
How to Start
Simply read the Terms & Conditions below and then enter the required information at the bottom of the page. When finished, click Enroll Now and you’ll be on your way to qualifying for a free purchase!
Terms & Conditions
1. Eco-Points can only be earned by purchasing products on this web site.
2. For every $1 you spend you will earn 1 point (after any discounts and before shipping and taxes). Partial dollar amounts will be rounded to the nearest dollar.
3. After a purchase is made, your Eco-Points will be in “pending” status and cannot be redeemed until they are in “awarded” status—that is, until the shipment(s) in your order has been made and your credit card has been charged. Your earned points will be forfeited if you cancel your order, return an item, or request a refund.
4. Eco-Points can only be redeemed if you have earned enough points to cover the complete cost of the order (including shipping and taxes, if applicable). Eco-Points cannot be used to make partial payments. When you redeem your Eco-Points, the points used to make the purchase will be deducted from your account and cannot be used toward any other purchases.
5. Eco-Points cannot be earned on purchases made using the Eco-Points you have accumulated through previous purchases.
6. Eco-Points cannot be earned on purchases made in conjunction with other Rewards Programs (such as United Mileage Plus).
7. Enrollment in the Eco-Points Rewards Program entails an opt-in subscription to our monthly newsletter and email offers. Such communications will include special Eco-Points offers.
8. You must be an opt-in email/newsletter subscriber in order to remain in the Eco-Points Rewards Program. If you opt-out, then you will cancel your Eco-Points account. Your Eco-Points will not be lost and can be redeemable at any time provided you have accumulated enough points to make a complete purchase. You can opt-out of our newsletter and cancel the Eco-Points Rewards Program at any time. If you renew your enrollment after cancellation, then you will not be eligible for the bonus enrollment points.
9. Enrollment and purchases are tracked by your email address. Eco-Points will only be assigned to the email and password entered during checkout—points cannot be combined or transferred between two accounts. Thus, be sure that the email address you use to enroll in the Eco-Points Rewards Program is the same address you use to register as a customer at checkout!
10. Eco-Points cannot be applied retroactively to purchases made before the account was created.
11. will make reasonable efforts to count all qualifying purchases towards the program, but we are not responsible for any technical errors that may occur.
12. reserves the right to modify or cancel the Eco-Points Rewards Program at any time and for any reason.
13. If you have any questions about this program, please contact us.

Eco-Points Reward Program
Returning Customers
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