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Blood Orange Tree
Blood Orange Tree Blood Orange Tree Blood Orange Tree
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Miniature Blood Orange Tree

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This VeriFlora® certified miniature Blood Orange Tree holds a sweet surprise: It grows full size fruit! A juicy blood orange is sweeter than the typical oranges that you're used to, and their flesh has a unique red hue. They're most delicious when eaten freshly picked from the tree, and they make a cool and refreshing treat during the sweltering summer months.

This VeriFlora® certified miniature Blood Orange Tree holds a sweet surprise: It grows full size fruit! A juicy blood orange is sweeter than the typical oranges that you're used to, and their flesh has a unique red hue. They're most delicious when eaten freshly picked from the tree, and they make a cool and refreshing treat during the sweltering summer months.

The best thing about having one of these 2' orange trees in your home is that you can grow authentic full size blood oranges just like the ones grown in a large orchard—all the while taking up a very small footprint in your house or on your patio. Flowering in the spring, holding fruit all summer, and providing a juicy autumn/winter harvest.

Shipped to you in a naturally beautiful 6" terracotta pot with tray, you'll enjoy your Blood Orange Tree all year round while contributing to a healthy, natural lifestyle.

  • Approximately 2' tall
  • Grows full size blood oranges
  • VeriFlora® Certified
Complete care instructions included. Click here to view online care instructions.
"Eco-friendly" products are not certified by any official body but we believe they meet a baseline of ecological or social responsibility.
Blood Orange Tree Care Instructions

Immediate Care Instructions
Please water immediately upon arrival, and then carefully review this instruction sheet for specific information on how to ensure you enjoy a healthy Blood Orange Tree. We highly recommend referencing a miniature citrus tree book to supplement this overview.

About Your Blood Orange Tree
This relative of our beloved navel orange has a long history in its home continent of Asia. Prized through the centuries for its sweet rind and culinary applications, these citrus jewels go one step further. At first glance the fruit appears to be a familiar orange. Cutting into the fruit reveals a surprisingly unique dark red color which is imparted to the juice as well creating a most unusual fresh citrus drink! Fantastic as a juice mixer or eaten right off the tree, the natural dark red color complements seafood and other entrees while making dessert a whole new experience. The white flowers are most notable for their creamy, delicate, tropical fragrance. This small- scale orchard replica will delight for many years to come. Use the general guidelines below as a point of reference.

Citrus grows best between 55° and 85° F. Indoor temperatures averaging 65° are conducive to growth if light is adequate.

Light Exposure
As bright as possible but avoid excess heat, this will dry out the soil too quickly. In the landscape they enjoy full sun. A location that provides morning sun or filtered light throughout the day is ideal. When grown indoors tree should be kept a minimum of 24” from windows as they will act as a magnifying glass and burn the leaves.

Water and Fertilizer
Water as needed to keep soil moist, not wet. Watering frequency varies with location and climate. A well balanced liquid fertilizer should be used with every 2nd or 3rd watering and is important to the health of your tree. Vital nutrients are flushed from the soil with each watering and need to be replenished. Citrus in general are heavy feeders, especially iron, manganese and zinc. Your local nursery should have an adequate liquid feed available. Yellowing leaves indicate lack of fertilizer or overwatering

Prune to shape as you desire, keeping in mind the small- scale size of the plant and its container. Flowers will appear from small shoots that originate where the leaves meet the stem. Flowers sporadically throughout the year, heaviest in the spring. If too much new growth is produced at the branch tips, don’t be shy about cutting it back to a lower position to shorten the trees height as it begins to re-grow. Remove the tree from its pot every 2-3 years and remove about 1/3 of the roots. Re-pot with a blended potting soil. This will encourage new roots and keep it growing happily.

Winter Period
Keep the tree from cold extreme temperatures in a bright location through the winter. Depending on your location, you could leave it outside in a frost free area or in a bright, warm room if freezing temperatures occur. Heated rooms may need additional humidity to help the leaves stay lush. As old leaves fall off, fertilize regularly to create new growth and keep the tree productive.

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