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Kratom is perhaps one of the most popular herbal products these days and one of the most controversial as well. Even though it comes with many uses and benefits, the product is considered illegal in some countries due to its sedative effects, which are somewhat similar to the effects of opioids. Despite the controversy surrounding these products, they continue to penetrate the market. The demand for Kratom online has significantly increased in recent months. But is it worth the hype?

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On this review, we’ll find out more about Kratom and take a closer look at the American Kratom, one of the leading vendor of high-quality Kratom products online.

What is American Kratom?

American Kratom has been supplying high-quality Kratom products all over the United States for a while now. They mostly sell products that are easy for users to take, such as capsules. Capsules don’t need to be measured unlike powder, and it is for this reason that most customers choose this product over other types of Kratom products in the market.

American Kratom has worked hard to beat its competitors. They have gone as far as harvesting their raw materials, instead of relying on third-party suppliers. Thus, their products are 100% organic. They are made from Kratom leaves that are harvested from the Kratom trees growing in the remote jungles of Thailand.

The company is fully aware of the importance of quality when it comes to herbal supplements such as Kratom. So they make sure that every product that they manufacture is made only from freshly grounded Kratom leaves before encapsulating them.

Products You Can Find at American Kratom

American Kratom sells four different varieties of Kratom:

  • Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom is a popular strain in the market and originates from Thailand. You’ll also find this Kratom plant in Malaysia and Indonesia. Of all the Kratom strains, Bali Kratom is the easiest to produce, which is why it’s also the cheapest.

  • Gold Maeng Da

The Gold Maeng Da is a Kratom variety that’s cultivated as a red leafy variety and goes through a secondary process of curing under the sun right after the leaves are harvested. Because of this, the red leaves become golden, hence the Gold Maeng Da Kratom name. Since the strain is obtained from the Red Maeng Da, it’s no doubt one of the most unusual varieties of Kratom.

  • Maeng Da

If you’ve been using Kratom for a while, then there’s a good chance that you know about Maeng Da. Maeng Da is one of the most famous Kratom strains, which is derived from a genetically modified Kratom tree. Thus, it has more alkaloids compared to the other strains, which is why it’s more powerful.

  • Thai Kratom

Also called Mitragyna Speciosa, the Thai Kratom is another popular Kratom strain that American Kratom sells. This product comes in the form of capsules obtained from evergreen plants that contain powerful alkaloids. The Thai Kratom capsules are known for inducing the most calming and soothing effects in the body.

What Are the Prices?

The different Kratom products that the American Kratom sells have different prices, but all of them are reasonably priced. Their products are among the cheapest in the market.

For your reference, here’s the estimated price of the four products mentioned above:

  • Bali Kratom – $15.75
  • Gold Maeng Da – $20.65
  • Maeng Da – $19.95
  • Thai Kratom – $23.95

What is Quality?

Kratom capsules that American Kratom sells are of good quality and are produced directly from the freshly harvested Kratom leaves. They go through a rigorous process of pounding, which is very crucial in maintaining the overall quality of the product. They are made into a fine powder before they are encapsulated. This is to ensure that the strain is absorbed thoroughly by the body.

Customer Reviews

  • American Kratom is one of the best-rated Kratom vendors online. That’s because they have successfully built a reputation for selling the finest quality of products. If you take the time to read what the customers are saying about the company, you’ll understand why they are gaining so much popularity in the industry.
  • One of the customers talks about his experience buying the Bali Kratom from their website. He got a pack of 25 capsules and has since been using it to feel relaxed after a busy day at work. So far, he is very satisfied with the results, and he can guarantee that what they are selling are genuine and effective Kratom products.
  • And while many customers have good experiences with American Kratom, there are also a few customers who are not entirely satisfied with the products that they purchase from the website. One customer complained about suffering minor side effects after taking the Kratom capsules he bought from the vendor. This made him doubt about their products’ authenticity.
  • Unfortunately, American Kratom has not indicated on their website that they have hired a third-party company for their products to be tested. Thus, it’s hard to back the claims of authenticity.

Customer Service

American Kratom is known for offering excellent customer service, and in fact, this is what makes them stand out from the rest of the vendors. If you need help choosing the right Kratom variety, you can always contact them, and they will be happy to assist you.

Discounts Available

Customers can avail of the huge discounts that American Kratom is offering on their website, especially for wholesale buyers. But before a wholesaler can benefit from the discounted rates, they must provide a Resale Permit.


When it comes to buying high-quality Kratom strains, American Kratom is worth checking out. They have a wide range of Kratom products for you to choose from, including the most popular ones. Their products are produced from freshly grounded Kratom leaves which ensures that they are only selling pure and authentic Kratom capsules. What’s more, their products are very affordable and will surely not blow your budget. You can also take advantage of the wholesaler discount if you have a Resale Permit.

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