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11 Easy Ways to have a Pink and Green Valentine's Day!

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Show your significant other and best buds you really care by thinking pink and green this February 14. And since volunteering and contributing to nonprofits is the new green, go gift shopping at Do Something's nonprofit shopping mall. Many of the gift ideas below are available on the site, which donates a portion to Do Something. So surf over, and shop away! You'll feel great knowing that you're spreading love and giving back this Valentine's Day! (Psst: Email this guide around so you can be on the receiving end of some of these goodies!)

  1. Send an e-card…American Greetings Corporation reports that around a billion physical valentines are mailed each year. If one billion cards were laid out end to end, they would stretch around the world five times. Whoa, that's a lot of trees – and trees help our planet by soaking up that bad, global warming-causing carbon dioxide. Not to mention, emailed V-cards also make cents in this economy.
  2. …or a recycled one. Determined to deliver physical proof of your love? Buy recycled paper and make your own heart-shaped greetings (Aww!) or Google eco-friendly card brands for purchase.
  3. Donate to an environmental organization. It doesn't have to be a lot of money – it's the thought that counts. This gift's a particularly good idea for the serious eco geek in your life or the parent who has everything.
  4. Give green flowers. No, not weeds or clovers (though if you find a four-leaf one, you might want to save it for next month). Here's the scoop: Nearly 90% of V-Day roses are imported from Colombia and Ecuador. In addition to the air freight costs, most flower growers there need not adhere to the safety standards that produce suppliers do. This means their flowers may be doused in chemicals to maintain their unblemished appearance. So check out VeriFlora-certified flowers or 1-800-Flowers (both are available on Do Something's shopping mall). The blooms are sustainably grown, guaranteeing not only adherence to the highest of environmental standards, but also fair labor practices.
  5. Buy a gift card for a yoga or pilates class. #1: We all need to get off the couch and get in shape. #2: Your local health club or spa is probably hurting for business (dang recession!). #3: Always give a gift that you'd like yourself. Here's an idea: buy yourself a class too and go together.
  6. Think fair-trade chocolate. Valentine's Day will be extra sweet for you, your beloved and the cocoa farmers too. Farming families earn a price for their product that is adequate to meet their basic human needs. Additionally, environmentally sustainable production methods are required, and you can be assured that forced and abusive child labor was not involved. Organic Style has some great options and is available on Do Something's shopping mall. Search for their "Life is Sweet" Fair Trade Chocolates or Organic Gourmet Signature Chocolates
  7. Opt for natural perfume. It's a popular gift this time of year, but did you know that your average fragrance is a total chemical cocktail – not something you'd want all over your body. Gross! There are a ton of beauty vendors on Do Something's shopping mall that sell all-natural brands of perfume. One name you can trust is LAVANILA. They carefully infuse pure essential oils with 100% active botanicals for natural fragrances that are fresh, clean, and nurturing.
  8. Send a Valentine to a candy company…that doesn't sell organic fair-trade chocolate. Take action by asking the company to use fair-trade chocolate. Explain the benefits and why it would make you want to buy their candy.
  9. Buy local groceries for your Feb. 14 dinner. What's better than a V-date with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or a bunch of your best friends? A V-date that features delicious fare you'll find at a farmer's market or in the local section of your supermarket. Buying local foods saves on the transportation, energy, and packaging it takes to bring produce from faraway (and hence, cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions) while also supporting local farmers.
  10. Lead the charge on making V-Day green at your school. Encourage your principal, class prez and/or team or club to start new, eco-fabulous traditions - like, for those sweetheart sales, swap out those plastic bags filled with candy for paper ones (tie 'em with raffia – it's organic!), use fair-trade chocolates, and look into potted flowers that can be replanted instead of single-stemmed ones that will die within a few days.
  11. Go on an environmentally friendly retreat. Spend some time at a local wildlife reserve, park, or natural area – even if it means bundling up. Being at one with nature will remind you how precious our planet is. Or see if your parents might consider a V-Day getaway. This year Feb. 14 falls on a long weekend (it's also President's Weekend) so the timing is perfect. We love Gaiam's earth-friendly travel options and there are some other great travel deals out there too!

Want to shop for a good cause all the time? Just download this widget ( and anytime you buy something at your favorite shopping sites, a portion will come back to Do Something (and cost you nothing!). How sweet is that!

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