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Is Kratom Legal in Alabama?

The majority of states throughout the US allow unrestricted use of kratom, but that is not the case with Alabama. In this state, kratom is considered a schedule 1 controlled substance. The DEA defines a Schedule 1 substance as a “compound that doesn’t have an accepted use in medical purposes but has high abuse potential.”

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The interesting thing to mention is that the DEA withdrew their decision to categorize kratom as a schedule 1 drug late in 2016. However, Alabama officially passed the SB226 bill that regulates the legality of kratom before that – on May 10, 2016. At this point, the state still hasn’t changed its regulations to be in line with the decision made by a federal authority.

If you take a look at the SB226 bill, you won’t find the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, which is the scientific name of kratom, among the outlawed substances. However, the bill mentions two crucial kratom ingredients – hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. Therefore, Alabama doesn’t directly ban the kratom plant, but its two active alkaloids are on the list of controlled substances.

Was Alabama Right with Their Decision About Kratom Legality?

Those in favor of kratom did everything in their power to stop the state from passing the bill ever since it was first proposed in 2014. There were debates about whether kratom’s ingredients should be included in the list of controlled substances or not. In the meantime, even the DEA made a reasonable decision and adjusted its regulations regarding this plant, but the State of Alabama still hasn’t made the necessary changes to its laws.

That comes as confusing if you keep in mind that kratom has a long list of potential benefits. First, it can serve as a healthier and more effective alternative to OTC pain medication. Kratom is not only better in dealing with pain regardless of its cause, but it also won’t cause any addiction. Furthermore, it has a low risk of any side effects as long as you use it within the recommended ranges.

The owners of smoke shops in Alabama indicate that many customers come to look for kratom to relieve their pain caused by arthritis or another type of inflammation. According to Caleigh Morris, a worker in one of the local shops, people are asking for kratom because they have actual pain problems.

“It is only natural for people to seek effective ways to reduce or eliminate their pain. They were not asking for kratom to do drugs, all they needed was pain relief,” said Morris.

Why Educating the Public on Kratom Is Important?

The American Kratom Association has been making a lot of effort to educate the legislators, media, and the general public about the positive effects of this plant. We only mentioned pain relief, but kratom can be beneficial for stress relief and energy increase, as well as act as a mood booster. The battle for legalizing kratom in Alabama and other states is in progress.

The majority of state authorities showed that they understand the potential benefits of kratom, which is why this plant is allowed for unrestricted use in the majority of the US. It remains to be seen whether Alabama authorities will soon react and change their laws to allow unrestricted usage and legality of kratom.

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Well,Marijuana is still against FEDERAL Law, and several States have approved it for medical and recreational use. and someone told me the State, Alabama, was trying to approve Marijuana fr Medical use. It sounds like, very political, who does what for you and I will do for you form of Government. Someone has forgotten Ethics!! We no longer and the more I study Government and Governments, Free, Communist, Socialist, Absolute Dictatorship, Monarch, Republics they all have this ” Bribes, Blackmail, Murder, Mayhem” and none of them are a representation of the people who provide the economic backbone for them, has a chance in Hell to get something passed, fixed, repaired, life and family that feels like they are getting a fair shake. They look around, and see with their own eye’s who is controlling , bribing, killing off opponents. to satisfy the POLITICIANS, in whatever as mentioned above, forms of Governments. It is hard on an old man to look around deep in the ‘system ‘ and come to the realization that everything that I was taught about Government was not the ‘real’ truth of the matter. Do what you want to do, but you have to play the game, and that sucks.


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