Is Kratom Legal in Arkansas?

If you ask one of the thousands of kratom users, the chances are they will tell you about the amazing benefits of this tropical tree and its extract. The regulations treat kratom as a harmless herb in the majority of the US states, but that is not the case in Arkansas. We investigated a bit and determined that kratom is not considered legal in Arkansas at this point.

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According to the information available online, the State of Arkansas has passed the bill that treats kratom as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. According to the authorities, that means kratom has no meaningful medical value and can be highly addictive. The bill that includes kratom in the list of controlled substances was passed in October 2015.

The addition of kratom to Schedule 1 substances may be a bit paradoxical, especially considering that one of the uses of this plant is alleviating the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Add to that the fact that kratom has a long list of health benefits and a fairly low risk of side effects at the recommended dosage, and it will become clear why the decision of the Arkansas authorities to outlaw kratom is confusing.

Why Kratom Isn’t Considered Legal in Arkansas

At a federal level, kratom is considered legal. However, the states have the right to different regulations, which is how Arkansas joined the list of only several states that consider kratom not legal.

According to the explanation of those who support the decision on kratom legality in Arkansas, the problem lies in two alkaloid substances that are active components of kratom – mitragynine and hydroxymitragynine. The situation becomes even more confusing as these alkaloids are what can provide pain relief and promote relaxation in kratom users.

People Are Still Looking for Kratom Products

You can still find people asking for kratom in smoke shops throughout the state. Arkansas Police even made several seizures of this plant during the last couple of years. Paul Smith, the director of the Drug Task Force in Crawford and Sebastian counties, hasn’t noticed that kratom is being used as a recreational substance in Arkansas.

“The reason why kratom is attractive is that it can help to overcome diarrhea, vomiting, and other symptoms of opioid withdrawals.”

An employee at a smoke shop in a nearby Oklahoma, a state that considers kratom legal, agrees that people purchase this plant for medical reasons.

“We have customers who complain about the pain and the lack of energy. They buy kratom and, once they come back to purchase more, they reveal that they have been feeling a lot better,” said Kayla Madera.

You can find testimonies of other users who shared that they have problems managing the pain with only prescribed medications. Although they are hoping that kratom will become legal in Arkansas, it doesn’t seem that will happen in the near future. We can see some progress in the area of educating the legislators and the public on the benefits of kratom. However, those that are in favor of this plant will have to speak louder if they want the Arkansas authorities to hear them and adjust regulations to make kratom legal again.

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My God – why would they wanna take away the only homeopathic remedy to opiate withdrawal??!! Maybe it needs to be regulated, but not made illegal. An addict that is trying to get clean, needs all the help they can get.


I agree! To the point of trying to illegalizing nature’s way of helping people in anyway! The thoughts on the addiction help part are methadone clinics. The GOV. is receiving their money even though they stole patients medications.
As far as regulating this, well that has been done a thousandyears ago by the natives. EVERYTHING THE FDA, and friends touch gets ruined. I know I am not the only one who knows this.
And as far as all the other benefits kratom has to offer, the entities MUST stay out of that. People have got to learn personal responsibility!! ASAP!!
I’m 47 and the people I know, in my generation, all know we were tought and live by, “take responsibility for your own actions, and moderation”. What is going on with people allowing this whole ” wool over the eyes” tactic by the GOV keep on. They work for us the people. It is our job to terminate them from their positions for the laws they are breaking now.
Yes it kinda sucks, well, really sucks to have to get too creative, just to ease pain enough to get a couple hours of sleep. That is unacceptable, in this country of all places.


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