Is Kratom Legal in Colorado?

Kratom is legal to purchase and use without restrictions in entire Colorado, except for Denver, which is the only city that imposed certain restrictions regarding this plant. We will cover that topic later, but for now, let’s say that you can legally buy and consume kratom within the borders of the State of Colorado.

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That means there are no limitations on how much of this plant you can buy, sell, grow, or consume. The Colorado authorities recognized a wide range of kratom benefits and made the plant legal without restrictions. That way they honored the federal law, too, since the federal authorities consider kratom legal.

Is Kratom Legal in Denver?

Unlike the State of Colorado, the City of Denver imposed some restrictions when it comes to using and selling kratom. Before we talk about the current situation, here is a chronological overview of what happened:

  • In 2016, the city banned stores to sell kratom, although it wasn’t in line with the state of federal regulations.
  • The authorities lifted the ban only several weeks later. However, they required extra labeling from the manufacturers.
  • In 2017, kratom was outlawed for human consumption in Denver.

Although kratom is considered legal in Colorado, it is illegal to sell it for human consumption in Denver. If it is any consolation, the sellers can still offer kratom in their stores. However, they need to clearly mark that the product is not to be consumed by humans, as well as mention kratom’s potential side effects.

The ban caused negative reactions from the community, which held several protests emphasizing that Colorado considers kratom legal, and there is no reason for the city to go against that. The Libertarian Party even symbolically ripped the ban during one of the protests.

“There are people living with excruciating pain. The fact that humans cannot consume kratom is not only ridiculous but also affects the quality of life of those people,” said the representative of the party Caryn Ann Harlos.

Despite these protests, Denver hasn’t dropped the ban, and we can only hope that the authorities will change their mind soon.

Where to Buy Kratom in Colorado?

If you haven’t tried kratom so far, you may want to know more about its benefits. They include:

  • Pain relief – Kratom can alleviate pain regardless of its cause.
  • Mood booster – If you want to feel better, this plant can help.
  • Increased energy – When you need an energy boost, kratom can be of assistance.

Remember, kratom is legal in Colorado, and you can even legally purchase it in Denver (it is only not suitable for human use there). If you want to ensure that you get an original product and high-quality kratom, you need to choose a reliable manufacturer. Front Range Kratom is a reputable vendor offering a wide selection of kratom products, including powder and capsules. And the best part is that you do not have to leave home to place an order as you can do that via their website. Thanks to the online ordering, the benefits of kratom are within your hand’s reach!

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