Is Kratom Legal in Florida?

Although using kratom brings multiple benefits, the lack of information still raises a lot of controversy regarding this plant. The legality of kratom varies not only from one state to another, but it also depends on the county and city you are in. In Florida, kratom is considered legal without restrictions by the state authorities. Contrary to the state legislation, Sarasota county outlawed both use and possession of kratom.

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What Does It Mean Legal Without Restrictions?

As the word suggests, that means you can consume, grow, sell, purchase, or otherwise distribute kratom on the State of Florida’s territory. Furthermore, you can do so in unlimited amounts. The majority of states throughout the US has a similar law.

However, one county within Florida’s borders has different legislation regarding kratom. A local ordinance that considers kratom a designer drug was officially introduced in Sarasota county in 2014. That means you cannot legally sell or possess kratom in this county.

If the authorities identify that you are in possession of kratom, you will be charged with a misdemeanor. Apart from a $500 fine, you may even spend up to 60 days in Sarasota jail. Depending on the court, you may be ordered to attend drug counseling sessions.

There is no official explanation of why Sarasota outlawed kratom despite it being legal in Florida. Many people looking for pain relief and energy boost, which are the primary benefits of kratom, are the ones hit by this decision, as it affects their wellness and well-being.

Is the Decision Definite?

The interesting thing about kratom is that it is a topic of debates from local to national level. At this moment, it doesn’t seem there is an active proposition to legalize kratom in Sarasota. However, there do not seem to be any bills that would create problems for kratom’s legality in Florida.

Those that oppose the usage of kratom in this state tried to enact bills that would outlaw this plant on a couple of occasions. However, HB 73 and SB 11 did not pass in 2016, and HB 183 and SB 24 were equally unsuccessful in 2017.

Kratom users are required to stay tuned and keep up with the latest news in case there any changes to the legislation. In the meantime, those in favor of this plant should continue educating the authorities, media, and the general public in Florida in other states. That way more people will be aware of kratom benefits and, even if there is an attempt to outlaw this plant, it can be prevented easily.

Where to Buy Kratom in Florida?

If you do not feel like going to a local smoke shop, you can consider buying kratom online. It is a quick and efficient process, and the plant will be delivered to your doorstep. is one of the best-known vendors in this state. The company is located in Weston, but delivers to all the destinations in the state, except for the already mentioned Sarasota county. Since kratom is legal in the State of Florida with the exception of that county, feel free to try and experience its benefits by yourself.

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