Is Kratom Legal in Georgia?

There are no restrictions when it comes to the legality of kratom in Georgia. Whether you are a consumer, buyer, seller, or grower, you can possess or distribute kratom without any legal consequence. It seems that the general public in Georgia is strongly in favor of using kratom. That is perfectly understandable considering that this plant has multiple potential benefits for its users.

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The primary reason why consumers use kratom is that it brings pain relief. That is important for those dealing with chronic pain, such as the one caused by arthritis or other inflammation issues. Kratom can also act as a mood booster, improve energy levels, and some even use it to alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Is the Decision Definite?

At this moment, it is only valid to consider current legislation, and it allows legal use and sale of kratom within the borders of Georgia. There is, however, an ongoing debate on kratom in this and other states throughout the country. In Georgia, the authorities agreed to create a Joint Study Committee that would investigate any potential risks of using kratom.

In October 2018, lawmakers admitted that they are considering imposing certain restrictions on using kratom. That is not the first time that kratom’s legality in Georgia was under threat. HB 783 (House Bill 783) originally included kratom in the list of outlawed substances in this state. The previous version of the bill included a passage which said that the two alkaloids that are active ingredients of kratom, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine, should be illegal.

However, after those in favor of kratom raised their voice, the authorities in Georgia decided to remove kratom from the list of controlled substances. That way kratom stayed legal without restrictions throughout the state.

Those that support kratom’s legality in Georgia need to do everything in their power for things to stay like this. American Kratom Association is conducting various actions on educating the public, as well as the authorities, whose representatives also received information sheets pinpointing the benefits of this plant and the low risk of using it.

The good news is that the authorities in Georgia seem to be ready to listen to arguments and pleas of those that are in favor of kratom. The lack of information is the primary cause of debates on kratom and its legality, which is why it is important that the legislators are open to listening to various opinions. That is what enabled them to make informed decisions and keep kratom legal in Georgia.

Where to Buy Kratom in Georgia?

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