Kratom High – Top 5 Feelings You Must Know

The first thing most people want to know before they try Kratom is what it feels like to be high on the plant? It’s important to note here is that experiencing a Kratom high is not exactly on top of the list of priorities for a majority of Kratom users.

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Most people take Kratom to alleviate pain and anxiety or to increase energy levels and elevate mood.

However, for those of you who are interested in the overall effects of Kratom, here’s a list of the feelings you might experience when taking Kratom:


  • We all need a little something to help us relax after a long day at work. For some, it’s a glass of wine, a can of beer or listening to music. Now you can add Kratom to that list because this plant is known for its ability to induce feelings of calm and relaxation in even the most high-strung individuals.
  • In fact, many users say that a sip of Kratom tea can make you feel relaxed within just 30 minutes to an hour max. First, Kratom starts by relaxing your muscles and then it alleviates any aches and pains that you have been experiencing throughout the day.
  • Some people suffer from back pain from sitting in front of the computer all day, or you might have a headache from being overworked. Either way, Kratom will take care of those symptoms and melt all your worries away in no time.


  • Kratom users often report experiencing happiness every time they take the herb. That’s because Kratom has been found to operate similarly to opiates in that it triggers the release of dopamine in the brain. This leads to feelings of joy, cheerfulness, and euphoria.
  • That’s why you’ll find that Kratom is often advertised as a mood booster because you can take it to even out your mood if you’re feeling down in the dumps.


  • Many people say that Kratom helps them to loosen up in social situations, which is why some users will take it before attending a big social engagement such as a work event or a wedding.
  • This effect can be attributed to the combination of relaxed and joyful feelings that are bought on by the intake of Kratom, and you can consume this plant instead of alcohol to stay sharp yet comfortable and engaged in conversation.

Plus, Kratom will turn you into a pleasant social butterfly without giving you a hangover the next day. Nowadays, you can easily find Kratom in bars and lounges around the US, which serve it as an alternative to alcoholic beverages.


  • As part of a Kratom high, you’ll experience elevated energy levels, but this effect only happens with certain strains.

Kratom is available in different strains that offer different benefits. Some will make you feel joyful and energetic, while others have a sedative and analgesic effect.

  • So, if you want to take Kratom as a pick-me-up or an alternative stimulant to coffee, then you need to take a strain that’s suited to that purpose.

Nevertheless, natives to Southeast Asia have been taking Kratom for its energy-boosting benefits for centuries. That’s because of people in regions like

  • Malaysia,
  • Borneo
  • and Thailand works in labor-intensive jobs that require a lot of focus and physical strength.

So chewing on Kratom leaves was a great way to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

To this day, certain Kratom strains are known to improve focus and energy while facilitating sharper cognitive processing.

Pain Relief

  • Most people turn to opioids as the first line of defense against pain. That’s because opioids slow down the transmission of neural signals so that your brain is tricked into believing that you’re not really in pain. However, opioids can get addictive, and people end up taking them long after their pain has subsided.

As a result, the Center for Disease Control in America reported that opioids were responsible for approximately 72,000 deaths due to overdose in 2017 alone.

Top 5 Feelings You Will Experience When On a Kratom High

Can You Get Addicted to Kratom?

Addiction is a common and legitimate concern in today’s world because many people get dependent on drugs without realizing it. There’s data to show that using Kratom regularly for long periods may lead to psychological and physical dependence over time.

One study showed that 50% of the participants who were given a regular Kratom dose for 6 months ended up developing a dependency for the substance. This tells us that there’s a potential for abuse when using Kratom; therefore, users need to be careful.

But, why is it addictive?

Kratom has a chemical structure that’s very similar to opioids. Kratom can trigger the same pathways in the brain that are activated by opioids. This is what gives you that feeling of euphoria or a “Kratom high.”

However, the Mitragynine can be used to treat opiate addictions by reducing the intensity of difficult withdrawal symptoms, because Kratom’s chemical compounds are not as powerful as meth or heroin.

The only downside to Mitragynine is that it causes the body to build tolerance over time. So, if you’re someone that takes Kratom regularly, then your body will require higher doses to get the same effect. This can be dangerous and may lead users to seek out the drug even when they don’t need to, thus resulting in an overdose.

How to Treat Kratom Withdrawal

It might be a good idea to book oneself into a professional detox facility to recover from addiction and deal with the resulting withdrawal symptoms. High blood pressure is one of the most common symptoms of Kratom withdrawal, and it may lead to other medical complications. Going through a good detox program can help you overcome these and other symptoms while increasing your chances of completing the program.

It’s important to note here that there’s very little information available out there about Kratom dependence and withdrawal. As such, there’s no specific treatment available to treat addiction and withdrawal symptoms associated with the compound.

However, the current scientific literature does mention the use of medications that are used for treating opiate addiction, such as lofexidine and a weak opiate known as dihydrocodeine.

After overcoming Kratom withdrawal, a patient may seek out inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation at a proper facility. Both are valid approaches to helping people recover from addictions and live a drug-free life afterward.

How to Detect Kratom Abuse

While Kratom is chemically similar to opioids, it’s structurally different. This means opiate drug tests wouldn’t be able to detect Kratom even though it’s still in your system. This could be because these tests are not usually used for Kratom and aren’t correctly optimized to pick it up.

Most conventional drug tests check for substances like cocaine, heroin, morphine, marijuana, and amphetamines. As you can see, Kratom is not even on that list so there’s no way it can get detected.

As a result, specialized drug kits have been created for the sole purpose of checking for Kratom use. These drug tests require a blood or urine sample from the test subject to work.

A Kratom high has a half-life of 5 days, during which its alkaloids will remain in your system. That’s why most Kratom urine drug tests can tell if the drug is in your system for up to a week after you’ve taken it.

On the other hand, blood tests are designed to check for traces of Mitragynine. But your levels of Mitragynine must exceed 300ng-l to fail the test, and its metabolites are only detectable for the first 24 hours after consumption.

How to Figure Out Your Tolerance Level

The most common way to develop a Kratom tolerance is by taking too much of the plant regularly. The remedy to this problem is to lay low for a while or slowly decrease your dose to balance things out.

Also, experts recommend mixing up the Kratom strains you take to avoid developing a tolerance for a particular strain. Luckily, Kratom comes in a wide variety of strains like Green Bali, Red Thai, White Jong Kong, White Bali and so on. You can take a different strain for each day of the week to keep your tolerance levels in check and avoid getting an addictive “Kratom high.”

Another method is to take a break from Kratom every now and then. It might be worth it to go without taking it for at least a month to get your tolerance levels in balance.

You can also regulate your dosages by consuming Kratom through different methods. When you’re at home, you can take it as a tea or through the toss and wash method, and then take it in capsule form when you’re traveling.

Taken together these different tips can go a long way in preventing overdosing and dependency. Plus, it’ll make it easier for your body to reset itself and avoid addiction.

How to Check If Someone Uses Kratom

Most of the time, it’s difficult to tell if someone’s on Kratom because different strains and dosages come with different effects. For example, taking a small dose of Kratom can have the same results as coffee and similar stimulants. So you might notice that the person has a lot more energy than usual.

Kratom tends to boost mood as well, so the individual might exhibit more cheerfulness or become unusually exuberant. They’ll be the life of the party and might even seem like they have a higher sex drive than usual.

Taking Kratom in low doses can also assist with fatigue and is excellent at increasing endurance and stamina. That’s why a lot of people take it to achieve physical and mental feats that they’d otherwise be unable to. In that sense, Kratom is similar to cocaine in some of its effects but not in structural form.

Other signs that you may notice if someone takes a low Kratom dose include a lack of appetite, impaired coordination and a bit of anxiety.

When taken in high dosages, Kratom has the effect of lifting the mood and triggering feelings of joy and happiness. This is what’s known as a “Kratom high,” and the person will almost act as if they’ve taken a narcotic drug. On the other hand, taking a high dose of some strains might lead to sedative effects, where the person will seem more tired than usual.

Other side effects of taking too much Kratom include

  • itching,
  • constipation,
  • and even nausea.

How to Check If Someone is Addicted to Kratom

It’s quite easy to form a dependency on Kratom if you’re not careful because you can quickly build a tolerance for it. If you’ve been using Kratom regularly for long periods, then the chances are that your body will exhibit some withdrawal signs once you reduce the dosage or stop taking it altogether.

There’s a full spectrum of withdrawal symptoms that someone might experience,

  • from sweating,
  • irritability,
  • and nausea to pain,
  • insomnia,
  • high blood pressure,
  • and extreme cravings.

Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception in the US that Kratom is a completely safe substance just because it’s federally legal. However, regular use of Kratom can lead to dependency and addiction.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the behavior of our loved ones and take action if we notice any signs of addiction. Kratom withdrawal symptoms can be severe, making it virtually impossible to overcome dependence on your own.

For the best results, it’s recommended to seek treatment at a professional detox facility where you can get help from trained medical professionals. That way, you can undergo a medically-supervised detox from Kratom in a safe and supportive environment that will make you feel more comfortable as you go through this challenging time.

Plus, treatment centers also offer specialized treatment plans for patients to complete after the detox period. This will improve your chances of complete recovery and help you stay clean for the rest of your life.


Kratom is a natural health remedy that people use daily to treat ailments such as chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. When taken in recommended doses, Kratom is safe and doesn’t come with any side effects.

The purported ‘Kratom high’ is a result of overdoing it and like anything, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Otherwise, Kratom is not inherently addictive at all. On the contrary, it’s an ancient and useful healing herb that can help with a lot of different conditions.

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