Is Kratom Legal in Indiana?

Indiana is one of only several states in the US that doesn’t consider kratom legal on its territory. The authorities imposed an outright ban on kratom, which means you cannot use, buy, sell, or grow kratom within the borders of this state.

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It is the Senate Bill 305 that regulates kratom’s legality in Indiana. In that document, the plant isn’t mentioned by name, but its two active alkaloids – mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine – are listed among the banned substances. That means any product containing these ingredients cannot be legally consumed in Indiana, and kratom is in that category.

Why Is Kratom Not Legal in Indiana?

The base of kratom users and supporters is growing throughout the country, and the decision to make the plant illegal in Indiana odd. On a federal level, you won’t be facing any charges in case of possessing or selling kratom. However, states throughout the US have the right to have different legislation that the federal law.

Despite that, only nine states have imposed restrictions regarding kratom’s legality, and Indiana is among them. Unlike Indiana, most of these states do not have an outright ban on kratom, but only certain limitations for sellers or users.

Is the Decision Definite?

The law on controlled substances in Indiana is no different than any other legislation, which means that it is subject to change. However, it doesn’t seem that there are active motions that would eliminate the alkaloids found in kratom from the list of substances that are not legal in Indiana.

The good news is that organizations and individuals are raising their voices to convince the lawmakers to reconsider the decision. It is the lack of information that is the primary cause of kratom not being legal in Indiana. That is why it is vital to make both advocacy and education efforts toward informing the lawmakers and the public about the benefits of kratom.

Kratom is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, but its popularity recently spread to the entire world. The reason lies in the potential benefits that it can deliver, including energy boost and pain relief. You can even find claims that it is helpful during opioid withdrawal as it alleviates the symptoms and makes the process easier.

It seems a bit paradoxical that a plant that can help during addiction recovery is on a list of substances considered a high risk for addiction. That supports our claim that people are not familiar with kratom’s benefits, and they are not even aware that the plant has no side effects as long as its dosages are within the recommended range.

What Do the People in Indiana Think about Kratom Becoming Legal?

You can find many comments of those who used to consume kratom in Indiana online. They emphasize how this plant improved their quality of life and provided pain relief, and its current legal status is making the pain worse for them.

It seems that there is a strong feeling that kratom should be legalized among the public. If that trend continues, the State of Indiana may consider making kratom legal again.

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