Is Kratom Legal in Louisiana?

The popularity of kratom has taken the country by storm, and the fact that kratom is legal to buy and consume in Louisiana made it a user favorite in this state. People love this plant because it can serve in both medical and recreational purposes. It can provide pain relief regardless of the cause, and it seems to be more effective than OTC medications. On top of that, it promotes wellness by acting as a mood booster and increasing energy.

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The current legal status of kratom in Louisiana is that the plant is legal without limitations. The sellers do not have any restrictions when it comes to who they can sell kratom to or how much of the plant they can sell. The users can freely possess and consume kratom, but although the law doesn’t mention it, you should still follow the recommended dosages. As long as you are in Louisiana, you can also grow kratom for personal use or selling purposes.

Is This a Definite Decision?

Unfortunately, there is a lack of scientific research that would support positive claims about kratom. Although testimonies of thousands of users have a certain value, the legislators, media, and the general public in Louisiana remain uneducated on the topic of kratom. The authorities even adopted House Resolution 177 (HR177), which requires the Louisiana Department of Health to study kratom and its potential listing as a controlled substance.

HR177 was passed in May 2018 and took everyone in Louisiana by surprise. The resolution was sponsored by Bernard LeBas, the representative of the Democratic Party, and Frank Hoffman, the representative of the Republic Party. As both parties showed unity, it was expected for the resolution to pass the house without anybody voting against it.

It seems that the authorities of Louisiana are still waiting for the opinion of the Department of Health on kratom. If it finds that kratom may be harmful, the legality status of this plant may change. However, the federal authorities consider kratom legal, as well as the majority of other US states. That encourages us to think that kratom will remain legal in Louisiana.

The American Kratom Association and other kratom supporters are doing their best to educate the public and the lawmakers on the benefits of this plant. The rare combination of multiple benefits and a low risk of side effects are what makes it a popular choice. The consumers in Louisiana are mostly delighted with the effectiveness of kratom, especially when it comes to pain relief. All those people are hoping that kratom will stay legal in Louisiana.

Where Can I Buy Kratom in Louisiana?

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