Is Kratom Legal in Maine?

It has been a rollercoaster over the last couple of years, but kratom is still legal without restrictions in Maine. There have been attempts to adjust the legislation and make kratom illegal to sell or possess, but all those efforts have failed. Here is what you need to know about kratom legality in Maine.

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What Is the Current Legal Status of Kratom in Maine?

Kratom is considered legal without limitations in Maine. If you are a consumer, you can purchase and possess unlimited amounts of this plant. However, please note that you should stick to recommended dosages for optimal kratom effects. As for sellers, there are also no restrictions for selling kratom in Maine. You can import or grow it for both personal use and selling purposes.

Were There Attempts to Ban Kratom in Maine?

It was a close call in 2017 when the Senate Bill LD 1546 (SP 541) was proposed. It was only because of the quick reaction from the American Kratom Association and the supporters of kratom that this plant remained legal in Maine.

Upon receiving the information about a potential change in the legal status of kratom in Maine, the AKA immediately asked its supporters to send polite e-mails to the state legislators. They informed them about their desire to keep kratom legal in Maine and supported that by explaining how kratom can be beneficial for its users. The strategy worked and mitragynine, the active ingredient of kratom, was removed from the bill.

Why Would Somebody Try to Change Kratom Legality?

The main reason for discussing kratom’s legality is that it has been improperly labeled as a harmful product. There are prejudices regarding this plant in Maine and throughout the country. However, federal law recognizes kratom as a legal substance. On a national level, only several states have restricted the legality of kratom or banned it for human consumption.

The primary argument of those who oppose the legality of kratom in Maine is that it can cause addiction. However, the plant is perfectly safe and has minimal risk of side effects at the recommended dosages. According to the experts, even if it creates addiction, it doesn’t have a bigger addictive potential than coffee. It is interesting to note that coffee and kratom belong to the same family of plants.

Some users claim that kratom made their opioid withdrawal process easier. Many other consumers pinpoint that kratom alleviated their chronic pain in a more effective way than OTC medications. All these are valid arguments in favor of kratom’s legality in Maine, and the long list of benefits is why users are ready to join the efforts in keeping the current legal status of kratom in the state.

Where Can I Buy Kratom in Maine?

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