How To Take Kratom Powder?

Kratom has become one of the most popular medicinal plants out there in recent years. Millions of people are discovering the herb daily, and most of them have questions about how it can be used. Well, there is no right or wrong way to use Kratom powder. It’s really up to you.

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However, we also have a few ideas that can give you some inspiration. We will cover them all in this article. But before we begin, let’s give you a small overview of Kratom.

What is Kratom Powder?

Before you ingest anything into your body, it’s only fair to know what it is. Kratom merely is a psychoactive drug derived from the dried leaves of the Kratom tree. These trees are usually found in Southeast Asia.

Communities in this region have used this herb for centuries. It’s typically chewed raw or brewed into tea. In recent years though, the green leaves have become very popular in other parts of the world. At the moment, there is a growing market for Kratom powder in the US, Europe, and Canada.

Kratom has many notable effects too which depend on the dosage taken. Although the risk of addiction and dependency is low, it’s possible to get addicted to Kratom if you use high doses over a long period. But the herb is not scheduled as a controlled substance in the US.

Top Ways to Take Kratom

If you are using this herb for the first time, you can be 100% sure that it will have a horrible taste. But even then, there are so many benefits to enjoy. You need to find a more tolerable way to ingest the powder.

Here are a few ways you should consider:

Toss and Wash

  1. Toss and wash is the most popular way to take Kratom. It’s also one of the simplest options. Just take your dose of Kratom, toss it down your throat, and wash it down with some water or any other drink.
  2. However, there are still some people who may not like the idea of having dry powder sticking down their throat.
  3. Don’t worry; there are still other methods. The toss and wash method is, however, quick and efficient. It takes less time and less preparation. Besides, if you get through the first three or four tosses, you will probably get used to it.

Mix with Drinks

  1. This method is also straightforward. All you have to do is mix the Kratom with your favorite drink. The most significant advantage here is the fact that the drink can easily mask the actual taste of Kratom.
  2. This makes it easier for anyone to ingest the powder without leaving behind an unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  3. You can use any beverage you want for this method. But chocolate milk, tea, coffee, and orange juice are some of the most common options.

Add to Yogurt

  1. It is also possible to add your daily dose of Kratom into yogurt. Try to get fruit-flavored yogurt. You won’t have to endure the raw and authentic taste of Kratom.
  2. Although it’s often advisable to take Kratom raw, sometimes the taste can be quite difficult to tolerate. However, small amounts of yogurt will solve this.

Mix with Protein Shake

  1. We all love a protein shake, don’t we? But there’s so much that goes into the shake these days.
  2. How about adding a small amount of Kratom powder the next time you are making a shake?
  3. This method is more comfortable and more convenient. This is because you will be incorporating Kratom into your daily diet.

Make Kratom Tea

  1. In Southeast Asia where the Kratom tree comes from, the powder is usually ingested as a tea. This is a little time consuming, but it can deliver great results. Take the Kratom powder and mix it up with water.
  2. Boil the mixture for about 30 minutes. Let it sit for a few minutes and drink as tea. You can also wait for the tea to chill before taking it.
  3. The taste is not that bad.
  4. The most important thing here is that you can ingest the powder in its raw natural form. This offers many benefits.


  1. Capsules are very easy to take. However, don’t go online and buy Kratom capsules because most of them are not reliable or authentic. We would highly recommend that you try and make the capsules on your own. It’s not that hard. Capsules will leave no taste behind.
  2. The only challenge is that you will probably need to gobble down a lot of them to meet your required daily dosage. On average, adults need at least 10 capsules a day. However, if you take them with lots of water, you won’t have any issues. Pills are also a good option for people on the go.
  3. Well, these are simple and effective ways of getting Kratom into your system. However, it’s always up to you. Just try a few of these options, find something that works and stick to it. Soon enough, you will get used to the powder.

Don’t Forget the Right Dosage

If you are using Kratom for the first time, we advise you to start small and work your way up over time. In case you are not sure about the amount, to begin with, you can always consult with people in the Kratom community who have used the herb for some time. In addition to this, try to monitor yourself after the first use. This will help you assess the changes in your body and decide whether you want to increase or lower the dosage.

Usually, dosing on an empty stomach is highly advised.

  • Just start with 2 or 3 grams of Kratom powder.
  • If after 20 minutes you don’t feel any changes, increase the amount gradually. Keep increasing the dosage until you start to feel some effects on your body.
  • On average, 10 grams at one given go is considered a high dose.
  • As you gradually increase your intake, don’t cross above 10 grams.
  • High dosing can lead to nausea and dry mouth.

But if you are using a high-quality and authentic product, you should start to see or feel results at 5 grams.

  • It’s also important to note that not all Kratom-based products are the same. Some are more potent than others.
  • It’s possible to find a product that gets results with small doses while others may require a more significant dose.
  • The rule of thumb is to make sure that you are not ingesting more than 10 g of Kratom in one dose.

If the product you are using doesn’t give you any effect at 5 grams, you may want to consider the other potent options in the market. In addition to this, as you become a regular Kratom user, your tolerance level will also increase. When that happens, you will need to up the dosage a bit to get the results for that you are looking.

What Are the Effects of Kratom?

Kratom will have a slight stimulating effect when taken in low doses. Low doses can also increase energy levels in the body as well as improve focus and attention. Kratom helps to elevate mood, reduce appetite, and enhance libido. So many people are substituting traditional stimulants like caffeine and nicotine with Kratom.

Higher doses of Kratom are, however, dangerous. High doses may cause sedation similar to opiates. You may also experience a euphoric feeling. Although Kratom is not categorized as an opiate, it can trigger opiate-like effects in the body. This is the reason why it’s used to help opiate addicts manage withdrawal cravings.

Making Your Own Kratom Powder

The process of making Kratom powder is very easy. First, the leaves are harvested and sun-dried for a few days. They are then grounded to create a dark green powder. Unlike what many people believe, Kratom grounding is done by hand. No industrial machines are used, and there’s a reason for this. The most important thing is to make sure the product gets to the market in its purest form. Using simple grounding techniques guarantees that. Although this takes time, it goes a long way in making sure the final product is not contaminated.

Here’s a full breakdown of how the powder is processed:


  1. Thousands of Kratom trees grow in the tropical forests of Asia and Africa. But they are not the same. You cannot just walk into the woods and start picking leaves from the very first tree you come across. Each strain of the tree has unique biochemical properties.
  2. In that case, not all leaves are suitable for making Kratom powder. The process of selecting leaves needs to be very meticulous. Once the required strains are collected, they will be weighed and transported back to a processing facility.


  1. Once the leaves arrive at the processing facility, they will be inspected further to be sure the right strains have picked. Rotten leaves are also removed.
  2. The leaves are then cleaned thoroughly using lots of water.
  3. No chemicals are used here, just pure water. Dust and other debris are removed.
  4. The excess water is then dried off. Once this is done, the leaves will be ready for the drying process.


  1. The clean and dry leaves will be evenly spread on dehydrator trays. They will be left there until they are crisp. It’s also possible to sun-dry them, but this takes longer.
  2. The entire drying process can take a few hours. The leaves must be crunchy before grounding starts.
  3. Another round of inspection to make sure of this will be required. Leaves that haven’t been dried to the required specifications are thrown away.


  1. The dried leaves will be put on a grinder until they are thoroughly grounded. They should be passed through a mesh at least three times. This will deliver a finely ground end product.
  2. Once this is achieved, the product will be measured and packaged for shipping.

Kratom’s Legal Status

Kratom is yet to be scheduled by the DEA as a controlled substance. There was, however, an attempt in 2016 to have the herb categorized as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. The legislation failed to pass. However, the powder is illegal in some South East Asian countries from where it comes.

There are also a few states in the US that have banned the use of Kratom within their jurisdiction. Clinical trials on the effects of Kratom on humans are needed to help lift these bans. Such trials could also help clear the path towards the mainstream use of Kratom around the world.

What Does the FDA Think About Kratom?

The FDA has expressed its concern over Kratom before. In a recent advisory, the government agency noted that there’s “evidence to suggest that Kratom has similar effects as opioids and narcotics.” The advisory also noted that there’s a genuine risk of abuse and addiction for people who use the powder.

Despite this, the FDA has not released any studies or reliable info to support these claims. There are also a few scientific studies that have shown that Kratom powder is far less dangerous than what the FDA says.

The most important thing is to make sure you’re using a genuine product. Also, don’t overdose. If Kratom is used correctly, then the risk of any side effect is extremely low.


Kratom has a lot to offer. If you are thinking of trying it out, go in with an open mind. Hopefully, this guide will help you figure out the right dose and of course the best way to ingest the powder. It is also important to be patient. Although it can be frustrating to use a product without seeing results, give it time, and things will work out eventually. Just start small and increase your dosage gradually moving forward. You will enjoy it!

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