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If you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for advice on the best Kratom vendor to buy from. Well, you’ve come to the right place because, in this article, we’re going to check out one of the most famous Kratom vendors on the market called Life Force Kratom.

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Word on the street is that Life Force Kratom sells premium quality strains at affordable prices, which is unusual. But, there are a few detractors that say the Kratom sold at this online store is not all that it’s cracked up to be. From what we know, this company is run by legit operators, and they’re passionate about advocating for the legalization of Kratom for medicinal and recreational use.

Read on to find out more about Life Force Kratom and all that this vendor has to offer.

Products You Can Find at Life Force Kratom and Their Prices

  • We’re sad to announce that Life Force Kratom is currently experiencing various stock issues, such as shipping delays.
  • The store is currently operating at maybe 50% capacity which means most of their stock is unavailable, and there’s no telling when they’ll rectify this problem because they’re not offering any guarantees either.
  • The last time we checked, there were only 12 different varieties of Kratom on the Life Kratom Force website, and the most important order you could place was for 250 grams of the plant.
  • If you want to order in larger quantities than that, you’ll have to contact the vendor directly via email.
  • A majority of the Kratom strains sold at Life Force Kratom come in the form of green and red varieties.
  • The site has removed all other varieties including white vein Kratom, and the worst part is that they don’t have any Maeng Da Kratom.
  • This store also lacks other popular strains such as White Borneo and Gold Bali.

However, Life Force Kratom compensates for that by offering other powerful healing herbs like Zingiber which is a type of ginger. This vendor shines when it comes to selling exclusive specialty natural health products.

We weren’t particularly impressed by the website because of the basic design, and we struggled to find shipping and payment information. We don’t understand how they expect users to buy from them if their website makes it difficult to find this important information.

Due to these and other issues, we cannot in all earnestness recommend Life Force Kratom as a reliable vendor.

Life Force Kratom Payment Options

Life Force Kratom requires you to checkout within an hour of placing your order or else risk getting your order canceled.

We’re glad to say that Life Force Kratom has made some considerable improvements in the website’s payment methods over the last few months. The site offers e-check payment which can be a convenient payment method, granted that you’re willing to wait for an email invoice from the company before your payment is processed.

The other problem with using the e-check payment method is that the company needs to wait until your check clears before they can ship the order to you. This might cause some delay in shipping and prevent you from getting the Kratom exactly when you want it.

The good news is that Life Force Kratom recently announced that they’re working on introducing credit card payment options to the website soon. For now, your only options are to pay via e-check, money orders or cryptocurrency.

You’ll also be glad to know that this company offers regular discounts and coupon code promos, especially for loyal buyers. These coupon codes are easy to redeem on the checkout page of Life Force Kratom, and you can use them on all your favorite strains and products.

Life Force Kratom Shipping

Unfortunately, Life Force Kratom doesn’t offer international shipping, and they’re limited to the U.S. market. They use USPS to fulfill orders and provide same-day shipping for orders placed before 2 PM on a business day. Meanwhile, orders placed after 2 PM are usually shipped on the very next day.

If you like, you can choose the company’s ‘express shipping’ option which is available on orders that cost $23 or more. Be sure to read the purchase notice on the company’s website to make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions.

The Life Force Kratom Company is known for selling unique strains that come in unusual colors with a vibrant fragrance. You’ll be glad to know that all their products go through a strict screening process to make sure that they’re safe for consumption and they meet the desired quality standards.

Life Force Kratom Customer Service

According to reviews, Life Force Kratom offers excellent customer service. They have a relatively fast response time of 24 hours, and they’re available via phone call as well. We also found that their agents are quite helpful, friendly and are always willing to help clear up any questions you might have.


If there’s one piece of advice that we’d offer anyone that’s looking to buy Kratom it’s this; always buy from a reputable vendor with lots of positive reviews. You want to purchase a high-quality strain that’s ethically sourced and safe for consumption.

Although Life Force Kratom is not the best Kratom supplier per se, they hold their own when it comes to quality. We can’t say much about the quantity and variety though, because they don’t have most of the popular strains and the most significant order you can make is for 250 grams of Kratom.

On the upside, this company has excellent customer service and quick same-day shipping on all orders placed before 2 PM. If you’re willing to use the provided payment methods then pretty soon you’ll be able to access exclusive sale offers and coupon codes. Plus, there are other natural healing products on offer at the Life Force Kratom store that you wouldn’t get from different stores, and they’re all available at super affordable prices.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any experience with this vendor and what your recommendations are.

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