You’re probably looking for information about the Major Kratom, which is why you have come across this review. As you know, Kratom is one of the most controversial products on the Internet now. While there are plenty of Kratom shops that claim that their products are of good quality and are safe and effective, it’s tough to tell if they are telling the truth.

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The FDA has always been telling people to be careful when buying Kratom products. They have warned the public about shady and unscrupulous vendors that lure customers into purchasing fake Kratom products that are made from dangerous substances. This is why you’ll hear those horror stories about Kratom users ending up in the hospital.

Therefore, before you start shopping for Kratom products, you might want to take some time to read reviews. Reading these reviews is one of the best ways to learn more about the vendor including the products that they sell. Unfortunately, you won’t find plenty of information regarding Major Kratom online. There’s not even enough detail regarding their location. It seems that their website doesn’t have enough information about who they are, how they get started with the business etc.

All that’s known about the Major Kratom is that they started in 2010 and that they claim to have been nominated for the Best Kratom Vendor by Kratom Connoisseurs. Strangely enough, the website of Kratom Connoisseurs is no longer in existence. If you are a new Kratom customer, this website might appear alarming to you. Even if you do a simple Google search of the vendor, you won’t find enough information about them. Reddit, which is a popular forum for Kratom users, doesn’t have enough information about Major Kratom either.

American Kratom Association

After spending several hours researching online, we came across a forum titled I Love Kratom. On this forum, an affiliate of the American Kratom Association stated that they have been trying to get in touch with Major Kratom for a while. They also found out that the company is based in Vermont, which is one of the states that consider Kratom illegal.

It’s somewhat clear by now why there’s not enough information about the company, their operations, and where they are based. Nevertheless, we decided to give their products a try to shed some light on whether this vendor is genuine or just one of those unscrupulous websites that are out to scam you.

So we placed an order for 25 grams of Kratom powder and here’s what we found out.

Products You Can Find at Major Kratom

Upon browsing through the website of Major Kratom, we found out that they sell a decent range of unique Kratom strains, such as Mahakam River and Red Bang Baru. They also have the most coveted Maeng Da Kratom. Plus, they have Green Vietnam Kratom and Black B, which is a combination of Dark Green Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, and Red Vein Kratom.

But of all the different Kratom varieties that they have on their website, what stood out was the Balance Blend. What’s surprising is the fact that they are selling a large quantity of this strain at such a very low price! With this strain, you’ll get a 125-gram pack for only $50! This is pretty cheap because this much Kratom will cost you more than $100 in other vendors.

Remember that when buying herbal products like Kratom, quality is an important consideration. Unlike other herbal products, the process of harvesting Kratom is pretty delicate and is performed by expert farmers who have been trained for the job. Kratom is one of those plants that would require full sunlight and must be watered regularly with mineral-rich water. Because of the meticulous process involved, the cost of premium Kratom is usually high.

A lot of times, scrupulous Kratom vendors use substandard ingredients to produce the powder. These plants don’t have enough alkaloid content in them, which is why these vendors will include synthetic chemicals to enhance the alkaloid content and make them as useful as the premium quality Kratom. But these chemicals are dangerous to your health. It’s for this reason why you’ll hear stories of Kratom users getting hospitalized.

Major Kratom Consumer Experience

Just like with ordering from other Kratom vendors, we were expecting to receive a confirmation after placing our order. Unfortunately, we haven’t received anything on our email. But we found out later on that the confirmation email had gone to our spam folder. This is something that Kratom users should keep in mind when placing an order. Fortunately, our order arrived on time. We were quite impressed with the delivery speed. We got our package in less than four business days.

After opening the package, we immediately gave the product a try. We started with 6 to 8 grams of dosage. This might seem excessive to others. However, we have pretty much built up some tolerance on the substance after regular use. So we need this much dosage to fully enjoy it to the fullest.

Unfortunately, the Maeng Da Kratom that we bought didn’t live up to our expectations. It’s hard to explain exactly what we have experienced, but the Kratom powder has put us off!  We ordered 8 g of the Buntok Maeng Da strain, and we regret to say that it gave us jitters. After a few minutes, one of us felt dizzy and eventually lost consciousness.


While the prices of the products being sold on the website of Major Kratom are somewhat tempting for budget shoppers, we would not recommend buying from them. You might as well spend more money on the real thing instead of wasting your money on their cheap products. For one, you won’t find enough information about them, and no customer support team will reply to your questions. It’s also hard to tell if their products have gone through third-party testing to validate the quality. So please try to avoid this website at all costs no matter how cheap their products are!

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