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Even if you are a newcomer to the world of kratom, the chances are you have heard of its many benefits. What if we tell you that an OPMS gold kratom extract is even more potent than the regular strains? That is the claim we are investigating in this article. We will analyze all the aspects of this product in detail and inform you of the potential benefits, risks, and other things you need to know about it.

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What Is OPMS Kratom?

OPMS is an abbreviation for Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa. In case you do not know, Mitragyna Speciosa is the scientific name of kratom. As for “organically purified,” the decision to name the extract that way might have been motivated by advertising. So, how is it different than the regular strains of kratom?

The secret lies in the extraction method. The manufacturers usually extract alkaloids by using a solvent or hot water. The problem with this method is that a considerable portion of the alkaloid content evaporates while boiling the leaves.

The process is different with OPMS gold kratom. The manufacturers use a unique technique of mixing cold water and high pressure. It is more effective in extracting alkaloids, and it preserves them better. Since alkaloids deliver most of the benefits users see from using kratom, this specific extraction method increases the efficiency of OPMS gold.

What Are the Benefits of OPMS Gold Kratom?

Gold kratom is used in both medicinal and recreational purposes. The potential benefits are similar to those provided by other strains of this plant, including:

  • Energy boost – When you feel you could use an extra push before upcoming tasks, kratom can increase your energy level.
  • Improve Focus – Keeping your mind sharp and focused is important when you are dealing with challenging assignments.
  • Pain relief – Kratom interacts with your endocannabinoid system and reduces the feeling of pain regardless of its cause.
  • Mood enhancer – If you need a bit of help to improve your mood, kratom can be of assistance.
  • Relaxation effect – It comes in handy when you are stressed out and looking for a way to relax.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – Kratom can boost the natural response of your body to inflammation and help to alleviate the symptoms of many inflammatory issues, such as arthritis.

Available Forms

There are two most common forms of OPMS kratom available on the market:

  • OPMS gold liquid
  • OPMS gold capsules

OMPS gold liquid includes a highly-concentrated amount of kratom, which implies that it can be very efficient even in small dosages. The product is usually delivered in 8mm bottles and taken as shots. Users often decide to stock up on the product as it is sold in large quantities. However, the important thing to consider is that you should always stick to the recommended dosage.

The alternative option for consuming OPMS gold kratom comes in the form of capsules. Keep in mind that capsules are even more potent than the liquid. The majority of manufacturers list the recommended dosage on the box. Always read the manual carefully before you start using the product.

The Importance of Finding the Right Dosage

We already mentioned that OPMS kratom is powerful, which is why you need to estimate the right dosage for your needs carefully. Each human body is unique and may react differently to kratom, which is why the best advice is to start slowly. If you are using gold liquid, start with a single drop to see the potential effects. Once you feel it is suitable, you can start consuming two drops, which is considered a powerful dosage.

A similar rule is applied to consuming capsules. You should start with a single capsule to estimate your tolerance level. If you think it is necessary, increase your dosage to two pills.

Staying within the recommended dosage ranges is vital. Due to the potency of OPMS gold kratom, consuming too much may lead to potential side effects.

What Are the Side Effects and Risks of OPMS Gold Kratom?

As long as you are careful and stick to the recommended dosages, you shouldn’t experience any side effects while using OPMS kratom. The most common problems include nausea and an upset stomach, but even these happen relatively rare.

However, serious side effects may appear if you exceed the recommended dosage of kratom. These include:

  • Complete or partial loss of cognition – Overdosing can lead to partial or total loss of understanding and other cognitive functions.
  • Partial memory loss – Memory loss has been reported as a side effect of kratom overuse.
  • Developing addiction – You should be particularly careful if you use the product for recreational purposes.

The chances of these side effects appearing are minimal if you use OPMS gold kratom as advised. Additionally, you should ensure to purchase the products from a reputable provider. Buying from a reliable vendor is a bulletproof way to secure you purchase an original product and not an item of questionable quality.

What Do the Users Say About OPMS Gold Kratom?

If you conduct online research, you will find mixed reviews of OPMS Kratom. A significant portion of users emphasizes that the product is incredibly potent and they are delighted with the effects. According to them, OPMS gold is even more efficient than standard kratom strains – white, red, and green and even stronger than self-grown Kratom.

Other, however, warn about the presence of chemicals that can negatively affect your health. While some of these are obviously false, you should still be cautious when consuming this type of kratom.

Top OPMS Gold Kratom Alternatives

While its potency and popularity are undeniable, OPMS Gold can get pretty expensive pretty darn quick. Many retailers sell a two-pack of OPMS Gold Extract Capsules for an astronomical $15.99. Others charge $38.99 for a five caps. If you want high quality at a low price, you should consider our list of the best OPMS Gold Kratom alternatives.

There are a few viable options out there, each of which possess attributes equal to or greater than those of OPMS Gold. Our staff picks consist of GMP-compliant brands with a rich history of bad ass deals and better business practices. Each of these brands has met our exacting standards for excellence across the full spectrum of kratom manufacturing.

Hush Kratom

This Idaho-based kratom vendor is a leading force in realm of kratom extracts. Hush Kratom is an AKA-approved manufacturer, with a preponderance of proprietary kratom blends and liquid kratom tinctures. The brand’s famed Hush Kratom Extract Soft Gels are a favorite among cap fans who appreciate the easy-to-use design.

Unlike traditional kratom capsules, soft gels do not get caught in the back of one’s throat, nor are they particularly obstructive in size. Each soft gel is compact, ergonomic in shape, and amber in color. Everything about these beautiful little babies is optimal, from its smallness to its strongness. Hush Soft Gels contains approximately 225 mg of pure mitragynine concentrate per bottle, with around 15 mg per cap.

These fantastic, fast-acting minipills are equivalent to two full liquid kratom shots. You can get a 15-count jar of Soft Gels for $39.99, which is pretty standard in terms of the average smoke shop price for extracts. With Hush Kratom, you’ll be getting your money’s worth, as this vendor is widely considered a legit source.

Industry bloggers have called Hush Kratom the natural evolution of the marketplace, while reviewers have raved about its many powerful products, such as Hush Kratom Gummies and Kratom Gold Extract Capsule. Many consumers have given this one a four-star rating and thousands of kratom enthusiasts have searched its items.


It is impossible to discuss kratom extracts of any kind without mentioning the latter-day pioneers of premium kratom concentrates. MIT45 has been at the vanguard of the kratom extract movement for the last decade. The Utah manufacturer behind MIT45 – South Sea Ventures – specializes in ultra-enhanced kratom products.

So named for the superior percentage of mitragynine in each of its extracts, MIT45 sells a preponderance of premo kratom goods, including the groundbreaking MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot, a honey-based kratom gel in a squeezable pouch. But those with a craving for kratom caps will be equally fascinated by its catalog.

The MIT45 collection includes MIT45 Gold Capsules, a product that is billed as “The New Gold Standard.” These full spectrum caps are loaded full of Mitragyna speciosa extract and kratom potentiators – ginger, pepper, and turmeric, respectively – for a quick-hitting aroma that doesn’t dissipate for hours.

MIT45 Gold Kratom Extract Capsules are as safe as they are strong. That’s because MIT45 was one of the first manufacturers to participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. It voluntarily submits to a third-party audit, while priding itself on ethical farming, responsible marketing, and detailed labeling.

You can get two MIT45 Gold Capsules for around $21.95, while a six-count will usually run you about $43.95. The more you buy, the more you save. The latter is the better deal and one that you can enjoy by purchasing directly from the company’s online store.


VivaZen may be best known for its liquid kratom shots, but the notorious online kratom vendor is also turning customers on with its BlissXtra Botanical Extract Capsules. This mega-charged Maeng Da Kratom Extract is provided in jumbo capsule form for fast and easy usage.

VivaZen Botanicals’ superlative extra-strength extract caps are arguably the most affordable on the e-commerce market, as sites like Kratom Roots sell a 44-count for a mere $22.99. There are few worthy botanical specimens that cost so little in the United States. Those that do are often less-than-savory, but VivaZen Botanicals has been put to the test and they’ve emerged victorious.

As one Reddit member said, “They have been at it soo long they have perfected the art of making those shots. Making a great extract is a skill that not everyone is privy to.” Another member echoed this sentiment, saying, “Viva zen uses an extract, which is like a kratom uppercut. Hits fast and hard, but it won’t last long… The powder is slower, and subtler. It last 2-3 times longer for me.”


At the end of the day, OPMS kratom is a potent product that can deliver many potential benefits. They include boosting your mood and promoting relaxation, as well as boosting energy and providing pain relief.

The secret of the OPMS gold kratom’s strength is in its extremely high concentrations of alkaloids. While that leads to improved effectiveness, it can cause quite a few issues. At high dosages, this product can lead to the loss of memory and other cognitive functions, and even addiction. Before buying OPSM, make sure it’s legal in your state, you can check Kratom legality for states as such as Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama or California on our website.

That is why it is critical to consume the product within the advised dosage. Doing so will pave the way to experiencing the many benefits of OPMS gold kratom while staying safe!


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