Eco-Friendly Blue Iris

Eco-Friendly Blue Iris Flowers
While you may be most familiar with blue iris flowers, the iris comes in a large variety of types and colors. The name itself is derived from the Greek word for "rainbow." While they are found in such a wide variation of colors in the wild, when you buy flowers online, irises will most likely be found in vivid shades of blue, white, or yellow.

The predominant quality that is associated with irises is purity. This meaning is especially poignant when you buy flowers online from us, because our irises are grown under Veriflora certified standards in Northern California. Their meaning has grown to include faith, hope, and wisdom. In many places, the purple and dark blue iris flowers are considered to represent royalty. The yellow is thought of as representing passion. Two other general meanings for irises are admiration and courage.

Also known as fleur-de-lis, these flowers are deeply associated with Isis, the Greek goddess who acted as a messenger between the gods and a link between heaven and earth. They are also a symbol of Hera, the Greek moon goddess. In the past they were planted at a woman's final resting place as a way of reminding Isis to guide her in her journey beyond death. They were revered in Egypt, and they became the national symbol of France. Originally they were used for perfumes and medicinal purposes.

When you send flowers, irises are perfect for birthdays, corporate gifts, get well, sympathy, thinking of you, and just because. With such a multitude of meanings, there is really no occasion when irises would be out of place—they are a great flower for any time of year, and any type of gift recipient. With a plentiful choice of colors, there is surely one (or a combination!) that will express your feelings just perfectly.

All of our flowers are grown sustainably under USDA organic, Veriflora, Max Havelar, and other international floral farming certifications. You know that you're giving the very best when you shop with us, and the loved ones who receive such a splendid gift will always keep that image of an Iris flower picture in their memories. They will always think of you when they see these gorgeous flowers.

To send flowers from our online florist, please connect with us online or call us at (877) 899-2468 to place an order conveniently by phone. We have operators available during normal business hours who will help you to make the most appropriate choice for the occasion you have in mind. When you buy flowers online from our company, your flowers ship fresh from the farm where they were grown. There are no toxic pesticides or harsh chemicals ruining the meaning of your gift.