FAQ - Previous Customers

FAQ - Previous Customer

I'm trying to log in and the system says it doesn't recognize my account?

As you may have noticed we have recently update our web platform.  We are working with our IT department and developers to transfer information from our old servers to the new site, but due to encryption and privacy laws some information may not be able to be transferred to our new platform.

At this time, the new system is requiring you to re-register and we are unable to transfer your account information from the previous website.

What about my credit card information?

Please note that we do NOT store credit/debit card numbers, nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. We have never offered this ability and feel it's the best way to keep your information safe and secure. 

Where is my past order history?

At this time we can not offer your past order history as we have been unable to transfer this to our new web platform.  We do have the ability to look up your previous orders if there is some particular information you need. 

Where are my "saved addresses"?

We are working with our developers to have this information transferred over to the new system.  We understand how important it is to have all your stored addresses in one place. If you are in need of a particular address, please email support@organicbouquet.com and will try to locate this for you.

What about my past ecopoints for the EcoRewards program or the credit I had on my previous account?

We are also working to have this information updated in the new web platform. If you should need it, simply email us at support@organicbouquet.com and a customer care representative can make a manual transfer for you!