General Questions

Q. Does Organic Bouquet/Ecoflowers have an Affiliate Program?
A. Yes. To learn more about our Affiliate Program, please contact kenth@eaccountable.com

Q. Does Organic Bouquet work with small/local farms?
A. Organic Bouquet works with both small and large growers. We look to smaller growers for higher end specialty products that require extra care in production and work with larger growers for common type varieties that are conducive to production on a larger scale.

Although we strive to support small and local farmers as a priority, our primary mission is to protect the planet and improve farm worker safety by eliminating large quantities of toxic pesticides from agricultural usage. We are accomplishing our mission by establishing the national market for organic flowers. A necessary step in this process has been to encourage major flower growers to initiate organic production. Since 60-70% of U.S. flowers come from Columbia and Ecuador, we are working with growers from these countries to develop organic production.

Our marketing efforts to promote the benefits of organic production systems to our customers and the media -- combined with our support of organic farmers in California, the Pacific Northwest, and internationally -- has created significantly heightened awareness of issues surrounding horticultural practices, and has become a major factor that is driving an industry shift towards socially and environmentally responsible practices. We are proud to be at the forefront of a profound transformation in the floral industry.