Nevado Roses Ecuador

Nevado Ecuador
Roberto Nevado, president of Nevado Ecuador, has been actively involved in the rose industry since 1965. Born in Spain, Nevado immigrated to Sweden where he began working with roses.

In 1995, Nevado decided to build his own flower production business. He built Nevado Ecuador on a sloping plain in Cotopaxi, a province of Quito, because the region's climate, water, soil and high altitude are ideal for growing premium-quality roses. Large reservoirs with fresh, pollutant-free water from the nearby mountains helps the nearly 2.2 million rose plants thrive.

Today, Nevado Ecuador grows more than 30 varieties of stunning, Veriflora roses including its exclusive variety "Pink Intuition." Some of these dramatic roses grow up to six feet tall. Each bloom at Nevado Ecuador is handled with the utmost care for the environment and its staff receives regular training on sustainable rose growing techniques. Nevado takes pride in the fact that his farm is considered one of the most environmentally certified rose farms in the world.