Stargazer Lilies

The Stargazer lily bouquet is one of the most popular flower gift choices. Stargazers lily flowers are the celebrity of the lily family. Each delicate bloom has a deep pink center that fades out to bright white edges, and there are hot pink dots sprinkled all over the petals. There are three or four blooms bursting from each stem, so each organic Stargazer lilies bouquet gives you approximately 35 incredible Stargazer lilies. They are stunning as a thank you gift, very attention grabbing and eye catching. No one can resist the saturated colors and dazzling hues of these bright pink and purple flowers.

Stargazers lily flowers are very dramatic and bold which makes them excellent candidates for expressing wealth and abundance. There are also lesser known white varieties that express purity and sympathy with grace and beauty. They have been used to express congratulations, apologies, and encouragement as well. They're perfect for nearly every occasion and celebration. Their fragrance is irresistible. They're very long lasting, and they are definitely one of the favorites in the lily family. When you send flowers online, the person who receives these organic Stargazer lilies to will remember you fondly for your generous gift.

The Stargazer lily is a new addition to the lily family, only being developed in the later part of the 1900s. Like a true celebrity, it rapidly rose in popularity until it became one of the most adored stars of all the different types of lilies. Lilies were mostly previously known to represent purity and innocence, like Calla lilies. But the Stargazer lily has sprung to life with loftier meanings, like aspiration and prosperity. It's a very modern version of an old fashioned flower; the perfect example of what beauty can result when classic meets contemporary.

With the right care, Stargazer lilies will last 5 to 9 days in your home. When you receive them, carefully trim 1/4" off of the bottom of each stem while you hold it under running water. If you prefer, you can hold the ends of the stems in a container of water as you cut them instead. As you snip each one with sharp scissors, immediately place it in a vase of lukewarm water. Keep them in a dim, cool room, and change the water every day. They'll look gorgeous in any location in your home, and they'll add a touch of decadence to any room.

When there's an occasion to purchase organic Stargazer lilies, let us be the company that you turn to. We are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. All of our gifts and flowers are certified organic under USDA, Veriflora, Max Havelar and other floral farming certifications.