Does Red Indo Kratom Famous For Its Relaxing Benefits?

The healing herb known as Kratom is primarily grown and sourced from Indonesia. That’s because it grows abundantly in this region thanks to an agreeable climate that includes ample sunlight, ideal humidity, and enough rainfall.

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As such, there are a plethora of Kratom plantations all over Indonesia, many of which have mastered the art of cultivating this plant. So, if you want top quality Kratom, best buy it from a supplier that sources it from an Indonesian grower. Because of the favorable conditions, even the drying process enhances the performance of the herb.

Indonesian Kratom, or Indo Kratom as it’s commonly called, is available in several different strains, including, green, white and red. The most popular one is Red Indo Kratom, which we’ll be reviewing in this article.

Main Effects of Red Indo Kratom

Indo Kratom with red vein leaves offers a wide variety of benefits, but it might take a while before you experience them because this strain acts slowly.

Users say it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour before the effects set it, which is quite different from other potent strains that usually start showing effects within minutes. However, because Red Indo Kratom takes longer to show its effects, they tend to last longer.

Here’s what you can expect to experience after you take Red Indo Kratom:

Pain Relief

  • Like all red veined Kratom strains, Red Indo makes for a fantastic analgesic. It’s so potent that some have compared it to over-the-counter pharmaceutical painkillers.
  • Red Indo Kratom can help to relax the muscles by binding its alkaloids to the body to activate endorphins that help to heal and relieve the body of all pain naturally.
  • So in a sense, it’s a natural painkiller and works perfectly to heal both chronic illnesses and regular, everyday aches and pains.

Muscle Relaxation

  • Red Indo Kratom can relax the muscles due to its alkaloid content. The alkaloids contained in Kratom work similarly to those in opiates because they’re able to bind themselves to the brain.
  • This enables the brain to release certain hormones that lower stress levels and relax the muscles.
  • Whether you’re suffering from physical stress, work stress, headaches or body stiffness, you can count on Red Indo Kratom to offer lasting relief.

Natural Aphrodisiac

  • Kratom has long been known to act as a natural aphrodisiac thanks to its ability to increase tactile sensation. It does this by stimulating sensory receptors in a way that allows the individual to respond to touch faster than usual.
  • That way, it can increase the intensity with which one experiences pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Sleep Improvement

Red Indo Kratom might be helpful for people experiencing sleep disorders such as

  • insomnia,
  • night terrors,
  • and parasomnia.
  • Since it works as a muscle relaxant, this strain can be very effective at putting you to sleep.
  • Most users have reported better sleep after they took Red Indo Kratom and enjoyed the kind of deep sleep that you’d get after taking Xanax or a similar drug. The only difference between Kratom and these drugs is that this plant doesn’t come with any adverse side effects.

Anxiety Relief

  • Most users take Kratom to relieve stress, and it’s all thanks to the plant’s ability to relax the body and the mind. Not only
  •  that but it also alleviates pain and treats muscular fatigue in a way that reduces overall stress.
  • As soon as Kratom is consumed, its alkaloids bind to certain receptors in the mind and body, thus triggering serotonin and other beneficial hormones. So, it brings about feelings of well-being while taking the stress away.

Over-the-Counter Medicines Alternative

  • Thanks to its incredible ability to heal pain and relax the body and mind, Red Indo Kratom is seen by many as a much better alternative to over-the-counter medicines that come with undesirable side-effects.

Self-Confidence Boost

  • What happens when you’re feeling relaxed and free from pain? You have a much more joyful disposition, and you are most likely to feel confident and positive about life as you go about your day.
  • With that said, it’s not a good idea to take Red Indo Kratom in preparation for a long day, a work presentation or exam.
  • That’s because it has a sedative effect that will make you feel gradually sleepy. But you’ll have sweet dreams if you use it at night.

High Antioxidant Count

  • Most people don’t know this, but Red Indo Kratom also contains beneficial antioxidants that help to promote better health by enhancing the body’s immunity.
  • This is more of an unexpected and somewhat “extra” benefit of taking Kratom that you may not have been aware of.

Recommended Dosage of Red Indo Kratom

As a beginner, it’s important to start with the lowest dosage of Kratom possible. You may increase it over time if necessary, but a small Red Indo Kratom dosage will work perfectly for someone who’s never taken the plant before.

  • Experienced users say that the lowest Kratom dosage you can take and still feel its effects is 1 to 2 grams. If you don’t feel any effects after an hour of taking this dose, you may increase it by 500mg to 1g.
  • Otherwise, the average Kratom dose is about 3 to 5 grams in leaf powder form. As your tolerance increases over the years, your dosage may increase and reach up to 8 grams at the most, but you should never take more than this.

For the best results, practice caution and only take Kratom in moderation and only when necessary.


Red Indo Kratom’s relaxing benefits can come in handy when you’re trying to wind down and relax for the day. As such, it’s best to take it at the end of a long day, when you’re ready to listen to music, enjoy some good food or relax with family and friends. It will make you more easy going, friendly and relaxed overall.

The best part about Red Indo Kratom is that it’s relatively easy to source and most suppliers refer to it as the “Indonesian gem” because of its remarkable benefits.

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