The Kratom Syndicate Review

The Kratom Syndicate is a favorite Kratom vendor that’s commonly referred to as TKS. They specialize in selling a wide variety of strains including Mitragyna Javanica, Sakae Na, Tianeptine, Phenibut, Kava and Akuamma seeds.

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Consuming these products comes with several health benefits like relieving stress and anxiety. They’ve also been known to stimulate the mind while elevating mood. If you’re interested in buying Kratom or any of the other health products, read on to find out why you should consider The Kratom Syndicate as your go-to supplier.

Who is The Kratom Syndicate?

The Kratom Syndicate is one of the foremost Kratom vendors and user-friendly websites on the web. They promise to provide customers with only the highest quality Kratom strains available in the most extensive possible variety. They live up to this promise with a massive range of herbs, including Kratom, that helps to stimulate the mind while elevating the mood.

The Kratom Syndicate also offers international shipping, except in countries that have banned Kratom selling and use. They provide a combination of value for money and high-quality product. It’s incredible the number of deals and discounts that this vendor offers every week.

The Kratom Syndicate is the place to go if you want to get high-quality Kratom at affordable prices, and they offer the kind of deals you won’t find at other sites.

Products You Can Find at The Kratom Syndicate?

  • The Kratom Syndicate sells several different types of Kratom strains.
  • Each strain offers a unique combination of benefits, which means there’s a strain available for every ailment and condition you can think of.
  • The best part is that the strains sold at The Kratom Syndicate are of the best possible quality.

There are a lot of reviewers from customers who say they’ll never purchase Kratom from anywhere else again because the level of quality and excellent service they received from The Kratom Syndicate was unparalleled. Their strains are so potent that you only need a small dose to feel the effects, which means their products tend to last longer as well.

  • You can also rest assured that the Kratom you purchase from TKS is 100% organic, 100% of the time.
  • A little goes a long way so it’ll be a while before you need to buy more from them again and they do sell the real thing.
  • We also noticed that TKS Kratom is always fresh, which is perhaps the reason behind its potency and effectiveness.

Here are just some of the notable strains that we’ve tried and would recommend:

  • The Kratom Syndicate – 50x Kratom Extract

This potent Kratom extract works great at elevating the mood, relaxing the mind and body, as well as putting you in a positive state of mind. You only need 1 to 2 grams of this extract to experience its effects, and it’s well worth the price.

  • Red Kapuas

This well-packaged and aromatic strain offers a fantastic experience. It starts by boosting the mood and can also relieve chronic pain. This is one of the most popular strains because many say that it works even better than conventional pain medications, and it comes with the added benefit of elevating mood.

  • Green Maeng Da

This strain offers a combination of benefits which include pain relief and increased energy levels. Due to these effects, it can also be useful in relieving anxiety.

  • Ultra Enhanced Kratom

This strain has been touted for its analgesic effects, and it comes in the form of an extract-mixed powder. Not only does it work to relieve pain but it’ll also improve overall wellbeing. Notably, the effects of this strain last for a long time, and it’s available at a reasonable price considering its quality and rarity.

All told, the TKS website offers several varieties of strains at affordable prices, and you’ll be able to choose from slow to fast strains depending on your preferences. As far as we know, there are 20 different strains available from the TKS website, and each caters to different needs.

The Kratom Syndicate Prices

Based in Nashville, TKS offers excellent value for money. Although they have high-quality strains, they’re priced at below-average prices which is quite refreshing. This website is ideal for beginners because they have a small initial order option for beginners. This is a great way to try out different strains and see which option works for you before you purchase in bulk.

Loyal buyers are given regular access to promo codes and coupons as well, and you could get 10% off your order regularly!

The Kratom Syndicate Shipping

The Kratom Syndicate ships all of their Kratom products in discreet packaging with no indication of what’s inside. Everything is unmarked and securely packed to handle the rigors of shipping.

The only downside is that TKS only ships in the US, but they make up for that with a free shipping offer on all orders above $50.  If your order costs less than $50 and weighs less than 14 oz, then your package will be delivered via First Class, with Priority Mail provided as an alternate solution for those who want same or next day delivery.

Either way, TKS products are shipped within 2 days of the order being placed, but there are no guarantees that you’ll get same-day shipping. This means even if you place an order and pay for it in the early morning, there’s a chance that it won’t reach your door until two days later. This is a bit of a bummer because most other Kratom vendors offer same-day shipping for orders placed on or before 2 PM PST/EST.


The Nashville Kratom Syndicate is a moderately rated vendor when compared to other suppliers on the market. Unfortunately, they’re not always consistent when it comes to the level of quality in their products, and their shipping policy could use some improvement.

However, the great thing about The Kratom Syndicate is that their strains are super affordable and available in small sample-sized packages. That way, you can try out a little bit of each strain until you find something that works for you before you commit to more significant bulk purchase.

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