Yellow Thai Kratom – How to Use For Its Maximum Benefits?

The white, green and red varieties of Kratom are among the well-known types. However, Yellow Thai Kratom exists, but it is not as common as the process of acquiring it takes extra steps. This also means that you can quit looking for Yellow Kratom in trees as it doesn’t exist!

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  • To obtain Yellow Thai Kratom, farmers need to pick white and green leaves from Kratom trees. Some farmers will pluck the leaves separately while others combine them from the start. The leaves are cleaned and left to dry. The drying period ranges from 15-20 days, and it mainly uses a technique known as photo-oxidation.
  • Since it’s using photo-oxidation, the yield often varies due to many factors such as light intensity and leaf quality. For example, if the mix has a higher proportion of green leaves, then you will usually get a bright Yellow Thai Kratom.
  • On the other hand, if there are more white leaves then most likely you will get something closer to the gold color. Getting a gold-colored Kratom is still a hit-and-miss, which is why it’s a rare variety.

It used to be that Yellow Thai Kratom was tough to find. Thankfully, due to the increasing demand, it’s not as rare as it used to be. There are a lot of users that prefer the yellow variety as it has a more lasting effect. Furthermore, it has prolonged effects on mood enhancement, pain relief, and higher concentration levels. Another big plus is that in-activeness, which is a common side-effect of other varieties, is non-existent or very minimal in the yellow variety.

How to Use Yellow Thai Kratom

The good thing about Yellow Thai Kratom is that there plenty of ways to enjoy it. If you are new to the world of yellow Kratom, then below are a few ideas to start with:

  • Tea – You can use yellow Kratom like any other tea powder. The process is straightforward. You boil water and add the yellow Kratom. You can then pour it to a cup and enjoy your tea. Plenty of users reported that they have replaced other tea and/or coffee with the Yellow Thai Kratom as the positive effects are more potent and also come with very minimal adverse effects.
  • Sauce – This might be surprising to some, but you can add the Yellow Kratom to any sauce. You will still get to enjoy the same benefits when you consume the Yellow Thai Kratom. However, you will need to be careful as you might not want those strong effects after meals. Hence, be cautious on the amount of yellow Kratom that you add so you can get the right potency.
  • Capsule or Tablets – This is a good option if you are not fond of the yellow Kratom’s taste, but you enjoy the benefits. Since you will be taking it in capsule or tablet form and downing it with water, you’ll not taste it. Check your local laws if you need or don’t need a prescription when buying Yellow Thai Kratom tablets or capsules.

Main Benefits of Yellow Thai Kratom

One of the reasons why Yellow Thai Kratom is becoming more popular is because of the many benefits it offers.

Below are a few of the notable ones:

  • Boosts Energy – The white strain Kratom is known for its energy-boosting properties. Because of the photo-oxidation process that Yellow Thai Kratom undergoes, the energy-boosting properties it has been increased even more. If you need that extra energy to be productive and conquer your day, then the Yellow Thai Kratom can help you with that.
  • Alleviates Anxiety – After the energizing effects, most users will often experience a mild sensation of euphoria. It can significantly help you reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Lessens Mood Swings – If you are feeling happy in one second and then sad in a snap of a finger, then you may have issues with mood swings. With regular consumption of Yellow Kratom, these wild mood swings will be lessened, and the shift of emotions will be more balanced.
  • Relieves Pain – Yellow Kratom is also known for its pain-relieving properties. However, not all types of pain can be alleviated by Yellow Kratom, and it’s best that you consult with a doctor if you want to use yellow Kratom for its pain-relieving properties.

Recommended Dosage of Yellow Thai Kratom

It’s always best to keep in mind that yellow Kratom can be dosage sensitive. Just like any other supplements and medicines, it’s best that you know what’s the standard dosage for you so you can get the best effects. This article will provide a dosage guide that will work for most people.

Using the guide will also reduce your chances of excessive intake to get the desired results. Another thing that you need to be aware of is that specific effects will require different dosages.

  • If you are starting, then you’d want to start with a “low” dosage, and this could mean 0.5g – 2.0g.
  • For experienced users, you can go for the “moderate” dosage, which is 2.0g-5.0g.
  • Any more than 5.0g is considered as “high” dosage.
  • Only attempt this if you know what you are doing and you are already aware of the potency of your specific kind, strain or brand of Yellow Kratom.


Kratom is an indigenous plant in Thailand and Malaysia. It’s been used by the locals as a medicinal herb for hundreds of years. However, it’s only now that the western world is taking notice of this gift from nature.

Yellow Kratom is different from the more known white, green and red varieties as it undergoes a photo-oxidation process. The said process enhances the potency of the herb. Most of the time, people enjoy yellow Kratom as a way to relieve stress. With its mild euphoric properties, it can alleviate anxiety and help you relax.

What makes yellow Kratom different is that it doesn’t “dumb you down” like other relaxing herbs. Instead, it can give you an energy boost. It will help you attain a state of being relaxed but energetic.

If you are also experiencing pain, the Yellow Kratom can help you get relief. Furthermore, it can also help you balance your mood. If you think these benefits are desirable for you, then Yellow Thai Kratom is worth checking out. Also, it’s a plant-based supplement, and side-effects are very minimal if not non-existent.

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