Yellow Vietnam Kratom – Natural Healing Remedy To Boost Energy

The Yellow Vietnam strain is a fairly recent addition to the Kratom market, and its popularity has soared in a short amount of time. This is an interesting fact when you consider that Kratom has been cultivated and used by the Vietnamese for centuries to treat a number of different ailments.

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It’s important to note here that Yellow Vietnam Kratom is quite different from other strains of the plant that come from the Borneo and Thailand regions. That’s because Vietnam has a very favorable climate that’s characterized by frequent rainfall and heavy humidity.

Read on to find out more about the effects of Yellow Vietnam Kratom, its recommended dosages and why you should choose it over other remedies out there.

What is the Origin of Yellow Vietnam Kratom?

The tree from which Yellow Vietnam Kratom is harvested starts with white veined leaves. Over time, these leaves turn yellow due to sun exposure and a natural curing process which gives this plant its natural effects. Although a recent addition to Kratom strains, the Yellow Vietnam plant belongs to the coffee species and grows well in the Southeast Asian region.

Vietnam locals commonly use this strain for medicinal and recreational purposes, and its effects are now well-known in Western countries as well. Like other Kratom strains, Yellow Vietnam is available as a powder and in capsule form. This means you have different options available to you when it comes to how you take it, so if you don’t like its bitter taste, you can opt for the capsules instead of the powder.  This takes care of the dosage as well because with capsules everything has already been measured for you.

Main Benefits of Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Most people take Yellow Vietnam Kratom for its mood-boosting and medicinal properties. Reports from animal studies on the plant show that it has strong anorectic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Here are some of the most common benefits that come with taking this strain:

  • Energizes

Yellow Vietnam Kratom works perfectly as a stimulant and can elevate your energy levels significantly. As a result, most people take it in the morning or during the day to maintain optimal productivity levels.

  • Boosts Mood

Yellow Vietnam works similarly to coffee when it comes to its mood-boosting properties. But unlike coffee, Kratom can boost energy levels without giving you “the jitters,” and it won’t result in crashing later on. It also takes a while to show its effects, but your energy levels will stay at an even keel for much longer than what you’d get with coffee.

  • Improve Focus

If you’re looking for a way to maintain focus and clarity throughout the day, Yellow Vietnam Kratom might just be the ideal solution. It’s popular with artists and professionals who need to maintain concentration levels for several hours at a time, and its effects tend to last for the better part of a workday.

  • Relieves Pain

This strain offers mild pain relief, and it’s not as powerful as other strains in this respect. As such, it’s mostly recommended for mild aches and discomfort instead of chronic and severe pain.

  • Mitigates Opioid Addiction

Open research data on Kratom indicates that it’s quite effective at alleviating withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate addiction. The best part is that there are no side effects related to the cessation of Kratom itself.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom vs. Other Kratom Strains

As mentioned, Yellow Vietnam Kratom is quite different from other strains. Here are some of its distinguishing factors:

  • Color

This strain comes from Kratom tree leaves that have a distinct yellow hue, hence the name. The most commonly held theory states that this strain derives its color from the unique drying process that growers use. It follows a similar technique to tea fermentation and turns the leaves in a golden yellow color.

  • Taste

Most Kratom users prefer to take the plant in capsule form to avoid its famously bitter taste. But, that is not the case with the Yellow Vietnam strain because it has a uniquely sweet taste. This makes it easier to consume in its unadulterated powder form.

  • Non-Sedative

Kratom can have sedative effects as well, granted it’s taken in the right dosage. Yellow Vietnam is the only strain that doesn’t have this effect which guarantees that it won’t make you drowsy or put you to sleep no matter what time you take it.

Recommended Dosage of Yellow Vietnam Kratom

According to avid users, it’s best to take Yellow Vietnam Kratom at mid-day. That’s when you stand to benefit from its effects the most, especially its energy and mood-boosting properties. You may also split the dose by taking half in the morning and the rest in the afternoon.

Beginners are advised to start with the smallest dosage possible, which is 2 to 3 grams at the most. If you don’t feel any effect after 10 to 20 minutes of intake, you may follow-up with another 2 grams. The highest dose you can take without comprising safety is 6 grams.

Also, remember always to take Yellow Vietnam Kratom on an empty stomach if you want to get the most out of this herb, and drink plenty of water afterward to prevent dehydration and headaches.

Is Yellow Vietnam Kratom Legal?

The legality of Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a bit of a grey area even in its country of origin. There are conflicting reports, with some saying that it’s illegal to sell and consume, while others say it’s only illegal to purchase. Nevertheless, the demand for this strain remains high in the West, and Vietnam continues to export large amounts of it every year. This means that it’s widely accessible and offers several health benefits.


Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a natural healing remedy with the ability to boost energy, elevate mood and offer mild pain relief. It works best when taken in the morning or afternoon because it acts as a stimulant but without the overwhelming physical effects. It’s one of the most famous strains because of its effectiveness at delivering results, and it comes highly recommended for anyone that’s looking for a natural and gentle alternative to conventional stimulants.

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